Helping people overcome obstacles by igniting leadership, action and resilience from within.

Founded by former NHL player, Theoren Fleury, Fleury Enterprises mission is to help people overcome any obstacle by igniting leadership, action and resilience from within.

Theo Fleury is a dynamic public speaker and audience facilitator. His varied events and experiential workshops not only entertain, but also empower guests to tackle old issues from a fresh perspective.

Guests will leave an engagement with Theo feeling motivated to confront obstacles head on, truly understanding that change is possible and heartened that quitting is never an option.



A real conversation, or conscious conversation, creates a safe space for people to open up and share their experiences. Real Conversation is a living process based on a foundation of trust and safety in a completely non-judgmental environment.



Although our students did not grow up watching Theo, they were able to relate to him. Theo makes people feel that they are not trapped; whatever decisions they have made, they can still make a better one. The kids were still talking about his visit days later so for sure, he was a hit. I was impressed with his easy-going manner.
— Colleen Ryan (Prinicpal, Mountainview Academy)
Theo’s story is truly was an honor for me to meet Theo and share the hope of recovery. He is genuine when he shares and speaks from the heart. As an individual, he is warm, personable and approachable...thank you for coming to Saint John and sharing your message of healing and hope.
— Judy Urquhart (MSW Executive Director, Gentle Path Counselling Services)

Theo exceeded any and every expectation we had.
He was simply amazing and his connection with everyone in the room was phenomenal.
— Jon DeActis (Director, Mission Services of London)

His raw honesty moved the audience members and touched each of us still to this day. It gave such a feeling of hope as the youth were held totally engaged by what he shared... a wonderful being – a truly strong soul – he is a survivor!
— Jennifer Belhumeur (Self Help Facilitator & Public Relations Coordinator, CMHA Parkland)